Monumental Stone, Diving Rock & Slabs

Building and construction companies build with large slab stones, cut or natural, for solution including water features in pools, spillways, landscaping/walkways, large steps, tables, monument or signs and seating areas. Stone Mason Supply has a variety of large monumental stones, whether cut or natural and ready to palleted for your next project.

Stone Mason Supply has a selection of large single or palleted monumental stones, diving rock and boulders including:

  • Arkansas Oversized Slabs 3" +
  • Grandbury
  • Limestone
  • Oklahoma Oversized Slabs 3" +
  • Texas Moss
  • Leuders, Block - Buff & Charcoal


Large boulders are used in both residential landscape solutions as well as commercial businesses including water features, borders, curbing or landscape enhancements. Stone Mason Supply have multiple colors, shapes and sizes to choose from including palletized and delivery options.

  • Limestone Boulders
  • River rock
  • Moss Boulders

If you are looking for a specific type of monumental stones, diving rocks or boulders, contact Stone Mason Supply at 817-535-1915 today for pricing and delivery options.


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