Chopped Stone or Cut/Sawn Stone

Chopped or cut/sawn stone provides endless possibilities including veneer, stacked or for stone edging in landscaping projects. Chopped stone also is a great source for building outdoor living structures like fireplaces, stone fire pits grills and serving areas. Cut/sawn stone offers a great source landscape framing and design around home or office buildings. Many of our chopped and cut/sawn stone come in thin veneer or cut flat on top and bottom.

Stone Mason Supply has a large selection of palleted chopped and cut/sawn stones including:

  • Austin White, Nicotine & Cream
  • Granbury Multi-Colored & White
  • Lueders - Buff
  • Lueders-  Charcoal
  • Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma Silver Mist
  • Oklahoma Random Rectangles & Squares
  • Rattlesnake
  • Sandstone
  • Sandstone-Sawn Top & Bottom
  • San Saba-Sawn Top & Bottom
  • Austin White, Nicotine Thin Veneer-Flats / Corner (priced per sq. ft.)
  • Lueders Thin Veneer Flats / Corners (priced per sq. ft)

If you are looking for a specific type of slab or monumental stones, contact Stone Mason Supply at
817-535-1915 today for pricing and delivery options.


Buff Lueders Chopp 4",6",8"
Charcoal Lueders Chopp 4",6",8"
Austin-White-Chopp 4", 6", 8"