Lueders Slabs

Lueders slabs provide is the perfect choice for your residential or commercial building project that includes a refined and elegant appearance through a grey and beige stone sawn top and bottom stone. Our lueder slab stone is a cost effective building product because of its durability and low maintenance requirements.

Stone Mason Supply has a selection of large single or palleted lueder slabs and stones:

  • Various Buff Lueders Slabs
  •  Various Charcoal Lueders Slabs
  • Over-Sized Slabs


If you are looking for a specific type of lueders slabs and stones, contact Stone Mason Supply at 817-535-1915 today for pricing and delivery options.



1- 1/4" Charcoal Lueders Slab
2-1/4" Charcoal Lueders Slab
3-5" Oversize Charcoal Lueders Slabs